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Guidelines For Composers

The aim of QPComp is simple – to connect conductors of quarter peals with composers of quarter peals. With this in mind I would like you to consider the following:

QPComp is not meant to be an archive of all possible compositions. It is a place where conductors can come to find interesting compositions that they may wish to call. It is quite possible that you may have constructed a composition filled with a variety of music, but if the accompanying calling is complex and daunting it is unlikely that a conductor will choose that composition.

Musicality is usually important in compositions, but so is elegance and simplicity and as composers we should never lose sight of that. That doesn’t mean that compositions should contain only a few calls; compositions can have many calls and still be both elegant and simple for the conductor.

It’s also important to be in tune with what bands are ringing. You may have 50 compositions of Grandsire Maximus, but how often do you see quarter peals of Grandsire Maximus being rung?

I ask therefore that you give some thought to the compositions that you submit to QPComp. A composition will only come to life if there is a conductor willing to call it. Otherwise it will remain just a series of numbers, letters and dashes in a computer somewhere.