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Links to Other Sites

QPComp is not a complete listing of every Quarter Peal composition ever published. If you can’t find what you are looking for on QPComp then you may find the following links interesting.


Blueline is a searchable website of methods. Useful for finding the more obscure methods!


Richard J Angrave:

Richard has a collection of compositions that he has produced over the years. Compositions are given from Minor to Maximus but most of the compositions are for Surprise Major and Surprise Royal.

Anthony J Cox: Tony has been composing peals and quarter peals for many years and is documenting them on his website. The majority of Quarter Peal compositions are for Surprise Major, but there are a few interesting Triples compositions to be found there.


Stephen Theobald has put together a short collection which he describes as “specially selected for being either particularly musical or just great fun to call.” They are mainly of Surprise Major, but also some Grandsire & Stedman too. Many of the compositions are by Paul Flavell.