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Submit a Composition

You can use this page to submit a composition. All compositions are currently held for review before publishing.

All fields must be filled in before pressing the submit button, and do check your composition carefully!

Your formatting will be preserved but I ask that you use a few conventions:

  • Use two spaces between columns in your composition.
  • Put the calling positions first, followed by the course ends. Logically, you have to make the calls before you get to the course end!
  • For compositions of spliced put the methods between the calling and the course ends (See Examples below). Please include the list of methods with their letter and well as the number of changes of each method and the number of changes of method.
  • Identify the start and end of blocks in your composition with a string of hyphens. Place a block label (e.g. “A”) after the first line of your block. See the Examples below
  • For half-lead calls you can insert ½ into your headers by holding down the ALT key and typing “189”


1376 Surprise Major

B  M  W  H  23456
         -  42356
-           25463  A
      -     62453
   -     -  34256
       A    23456

1250 Spliced S Major (3m)

½  M  W  H             23456
   -  -  -  NNCCYCCYN  65432
         -  NYYNYYCNC  46532
   s  -     YCCNYCNYN  32564
s  -  s     YCCNY(Y)  (32456)
hls = 7890

442 Yorkshire(Y), 440 Cambridge(C),
400 Lincolnshire(N); 23com.